Divorce Mediation

Divorces almost always benefit from mediation. Divorces are complicated. If it’s a contentious or bitter divorce, each party may dig in their heels and fight every detail of the division of assets, custody, and child support agreement. Each party generally feels aggrieved and believes that court is the only way to solve their disagreements.

Sarah’s approach to divorce mediation was built after 25 years of practicing family law. At the heart of her process, she allows each party to be heard and lets them know that they have been heard. This makes moving forward simpler and keeps each party at the table.

She encourages each party to work together to build a healthy future for their children. By ensuring that each party can voice their concerns and refocusing them onto their children, she’s able to generate positive outcomes for the counsel, clients, and--most importantly--their children.

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Mediation Rates

Full-Day Session

$1000 per party

Half-Day Session

$500 per party

Additional Time

$125 per additional hour