Sarah Doke provides in-person and ZOOM family law mediation in Tyler and East Texas. In addition, she provides ZOOM mediations throughout Texas.With over 25 years of experience in family law, she has the qualifications to help clients and counsel arrive at beneficial, equitable solutions.

Over 25 Years Of Experience In Family Law

Sarah received her law degree from South Texas College of Law in 1995. While her early legal career included traditional services, like drafting legal documents, she eventually gravitated toward family law. Over the years, her practice has narrowed to focus almost entirely on child advocacy.

She’s frequently appointed as an amicus attorney in courts throughout East Texas, and she’s made a name for herself defending the interests of children. She has an innate ability to encourage young people to communicate and can interact with them in a way that helps her provide them with a high-quality legal defense.

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Certified Advanced Mediator - Family Mediation

During her family law practice, Sarah discovered that she had a natural affinity for helping people reach an agreement outside of court. Eventually, she decided to become a certified mediator focusing on family mediation. Since then, she has focused on helping Texas families through crises and the most difficult events of their lives.

She brings her 25 years of experience in family law and her background as a child advocate to her mediation practice. She believes that, at the core of most divorces, the disputing parties want to be heard and acknowledged. She incorporates this belief, and her advocacy for children, into her mediation services and has helped even the most contentious parties come to an agreement.

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Helping Families Through Crisis By Dispute Resolution

Sarah begins each mediation by letting both parties speak. Not only does this begin the negotiation process by establishing a baseline, it indicates to the parties that they have been heard and that their wishes will be respected. This establishes the trust that each party needs to come to a settlement agreement.

Sarah’s focus on child advocacy also plays a central role when she mediates a parenting dispute. Once each parent has presented their side, Sarah refocuses them on their children. Her experience as a child advocate allows her to remind each party about what is and is not a healthy environment, which helps them understand what’s at stake for their children.

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Serving All Of Texas

Sarah provides in-person family mediation services in Tyler, Longview, and East Texas. In addition, she offers online family mediation services throughout Texas. She’s frequently appointed by family courts to provide mediation services to help divorcing parents come to equitable agreements.

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