Child Custody Mediation

Child custody cases require delicacy and tact. In some ways, they’re simpler than divorces since there’s only one issue.In some ways, they are simpler than divorce cases since the issues all revolve around the children. 

What complicates these cases can often be minor disagreements about mundane things--like when and who picks up a child from school. Sarah begins these cases by listening to each party to understand their concerns. She then helps them refocus on creating the healthiest environment for their children.

Changing the focus of the disagreement allows each party to begin to move forward and negotiate. Sarah’s been successful with some of the most complicated custody cases, and that’s possible because she has a wealth of experience with family law.

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Mediation Rates

Full-Day Session

$1000 per party

Half-Day Session

$500 per party

Additional Time

$125 per additional hour